15 Questions to Buy a Perfect Steam Shower

Are you considering of installing a steam shower? If you are wondering what to choose among extensive range of shower unit options available in a wide variety of sizes, colours, shapes, enclosures and multitude of different styles of cabins and cubicles, the experts of House Renovations recommend the following 15 questions to ask to make the perfect choice of your ideal home steam shower. We also hope that these questions will help you to evaluate not only the right steam shower for your needs, but define all of the different choices available.

  1. What is appropriate size of steam generator for your bathroom installation?
  2. How much time is required for steam to start for having a shower?
  3. Is the steam generator equipped with an uninterrupted flow of steam or with cycle on and off? An interrupted flow of steam means that your bath experience will consist of pauses and cold spots. Of course, specialists of House Renovations are for no cold spots!
  4. Are steam generator components equipped with self-diagnostic LED indicators to provide visual feedback?
  5. Is the cleaning system automatic? Or do you have to activate it after each steam session?
  6. Is control option wireless?
  7. Is a simple plug-and-play platform available to add on components during steam shower installation? Is steam generator “intelligent” to be operated from a single platform that can be easily expanded without bulky add-ons for sound, aroma or colour therapies?
  8. Is the steam shower control and steam heads technologically advanced, innovative and stylish for the rest of the bathroom?
  9. Do the steam heads stay cool? Are they safe to the touch?
  10. Are all the steam shower products UL listed, NOM and CE certified?
  11. Is there a clear warranty written in plain English? Are there fully staffed, convenient local based customer care offices?
  12. Can system diagnostics be done at home, or do you have to ship the generator to a service center?
  13. Are there well-known spas or health centres where you can experience the same steam shower product personally?
  14. Will the system be compatible with SmartHome technology?
  15. What wall materials are ideal for steam room that won’t absorb and rob your body?

Experts of House Renovations are sure that with these 15 questions you are equipped to make a good investment in the long haul even only for the health benefits alone.