3 Ways to Ensure Long Life of your Watch

Watches are often cherished items for us, whether it is a gift or something you bought for yourself with your hard earned money. We often have a lot of emotions attached to watches. It can be because of the person who gifted us, or the occasion, or the fact that you have worn it every day during a particular phase of life. Even if the timepiece is not a very luxurious or expensive one, we would like to preserve it and keep wearing it forever. That is not possible because of the regular wear and tear of mechanisms, but watches can be used for really long if they are kept and maintained properly.

It is not a hard task to maintain a watch you own, but it does call for some effort on your side. Here are three quintessential ways to follow to ensure the longevity of your watch.

  1. Regular cleaning and maintenance

Anything can go dilapidated and rusty if not cleaned regularly. If you wear the watch daily, there is a high chance that it is spanking clean anyway. But in case of luxury watches, which you will not be wearing every day, you need to take care of those. Dry wiping the watch once a week is enough provided if it is kept in a covered place. Even better if you keep it in the box with which it came. The box comes in the right storage shape of the watch and has the cushion or foam to protect the watch perfectly. You can use a brush to clean out the case or the crown and the piece of cloth that come with spectacles or soft cotton cloth for the dial and the straps.

Your exact nature of maintenance will depend on the caliber of the watch. If it is quartz, then a normal cleaning is enough. For mechanical watches, winding them and for automatic watches, keeping them in use and fixing the time occasionally is necessary.

  1. Send them for servicing

Sending the watches to the watchmaker for a makeover is necessary once every two to three years for a mechanical watch and three to four years for quartz watches. If you need to replace the batteries or any other mechanical part, make sure they are original and not local and duplicate parts. Your expensive, high-functioning watch is not a top-notch timepiece because of its stylish exterior but because of what it has inside. Pay the money and go for original, or if it is too much for a replacement, you can always go for a new one if there are no sentiments attached.

  1. Use the watches properly

Proper usage of a watch is a secret recipe for its long-lasting service. It includes how you wear it, where you wear it and when you wear it. The crystal of the watch can look very protective, but it gets thousands of minute scratches and marks every time you wear it – marks you cannot even see unless you pay close attention. To avoid further damage, do not wear it with any additional accessory on the same wrist. Use leather or metal bands less in summer, and go for rubber, foam or NATO bands which are better resilient to sweat. Also, before going into the water, make sure of the water resistance of your watch.

Just like every other electrical device, watches need looking after too. Because they are mostly thought of as fashion accessory rather than something very necessary like laptop or mobile, we tend to overlook it. But if you want to maintain your watch, you have to follow these steps.