5 Cycles of Dianabol Tested & Batteries to Boost Results

Dianabol is one of the most popular oral steroids and is effective anabolic steroid used by many body builders commonly referred as D-bol. Now a days this dianabol is no longer produced by many pharmaceutical companies but it is illegally produced by many underground labs as 5mg, 10mg and 50mg tablets. This dianabol is also available in injectable form but the most popular and commonly used is as oral steroid in the form of a small tablet.

Cycles of Dianabol:

The most common dosage of this dianabol is 30-50 mg each day usually last between 4 and 6 weeks. If a person new to tis dianabol then they should take 30-40 mg to have best results in muscle gains and strength. And the experienced person can slightly increase the dosage and they can take 70-80 mg each day. Body builders should start with 3-4 week cycle and the dosage should be 50 mg each day. The cycle of this dianabol is easy to follow.

Cycle 1: this includes week 1-6 and should take the 30mg dosage daily.

This first cycle of dianabol should be taken orally and can also combine with any other faster acting steroid.

Cycle 2: this includes week 1-4 and the dosage of dianabol is 20-25 mg each day and we can add trenbolone as a powerful cutting steroid and stacking to a dianabol cycle. Week 1-12 trenbolone every second day.

Cycle3: to gain muscle in slow and a steady manner deca-durabolin is added to this dianabol. Week 1-4 dianabol dosage is 25 mg each day and week 1-12 the dosage of deca-durabolin is 200mg per week.

Cycle4: in this cycle Dianabol and anavar will overlap that one oral steroid begins the cycle and the other cycle will take over. Week 1-2 the dosage of dianabol is 20 mg each day and the week 3-8 the dosage of anavar is 50mg each day.

Cycle5: in this cycle the Dianabol and trenbolone are added to testosterone. In the week 1-4 the dosage of dianabol is 20mg each day and in week 1-12 testosterone is 200mg and in week 7-12 the dosage of trenbolone is 50 mg each week.

This powerful combo of these fast-acting steroid cycle gives the fast gain and makes you to gain fat but the dianabol cycle is quite toxic to the liver and should be taken in a short period of time to reduce the risk of liver damage. Many people use this to build their muscles rapidly because it is easily available and affordable.

  • We know that both calcium and potassium is important for muscle growth by taking this dianabolit increases the level of calcium and potassium in the body.
  • It also increases the formation of lactic acid in the body. Lactic acid is used by the muscle to form glycogen. This provides energy while doing aerobics.
  • It increases the strength in the body. If you get more strength then you can work more if you increase the calorie intake it will boost your strength.