A1C test and solution – an overview

There are different types of tests which the people who are affected because of diabetes are supposed to undergo more often. The A1C is one such blood test which should be taken by the diabetes patients more often. In this test, the blood sugar level of a person can be easily pointed out. The doctors will also treat the patient with best medication according to the report which is generated out of this test. Basically this type of test will be done once in three or four months. Some medical experts will indicate this test as hemoglobin A1c or glycohemoglobin test.

Primary test

A1C can be considered to be the primary test. Basically the red blood cells in the body will get created and destroyed once in three months. This is the reason why this test is to be taken once in three months. By taking this test after three months, one can get the average blood glucose level over these months. In case if the A1C level is higher, the person should immediately consult the doctor in order to treat their diabetes. For a normal person, the A1C level should be less than 5.7 percent. In case, if it is high, the victim needs the doctor’s advice immediately.

Natural solution

As we all know food is the best medication for healthy life style. In the early days, our ancestors treated various diseases through food. Obviously while treating a disease through proper food habit, the victim will never get exposed to any kind of side effects. There are many foods that lower a1c. People who don’t want to take medications for reducing the level of a1c can prefer taking these food items without any constraint. This will also act as the natural way for maintaining the a1c level without getting exposed to any issues.

By taking the food which consumes more time to digest, one can easily decrease the a1c level without any constraint. This is because in case if the digestion occurs for a longer time, the blood glucose level will never get increased greatly. This is one of the most important secret which should be known to the diabetes patients. The foods that are rich in fiber and whole grains can be considered as the best foods to lower a1c. The only thing is the people who are following this diet should follow them properly without any constraint.