Absolute Information About Immigration Canada Express Entry System

Canada is one of the best countries in the whole world for the point of view of migration, the reason being growing business and job opportunities along with higher and quality standards of living. These are some of the many reasons which have made Canada the top-most choice of potential immigrants from around the globe.

The increase in the number of applications filled by thousands of candidates for the purpose of acquiring a valid Canadian visa made it necessary for the government to commence a new and better selection system for granting entry to the immigrants from other nations. That’s when the express entry Canada system got introduced with certain changes being made in the preceding entry systems.

As per the guidelines issued by the government of Canada, under the express entry system only those candidates will be selected who posses certain important skillset and knowledge that can be effective in boosting the overall economic growth and development of the nation.

How is Express Entry System beneficial?

People who wants to know how beneficial is this new entry system to Canada, following are some of the features offered by this system to all the applicants :-

  • Skilled workforce and employees are given the option to apply for acquiring a permanent residency card in order to stay permanently in Canada.
  • Business firms can easily look for the experienced employees and can hire them as well.
  • This sysytem is suitable for selecting appropriate candidates for a job.
  • The processing time required by the express entry system is quite less in comparison to the procedures which were followed before.

Eligibilty requirement for Express Entry System :-

There are various immigration programs under which the applicant can apply for the purpose of migrating through the immigration Canada express entry system. The Federal skilled worker program and Canadian experience class are the names of some of these immigration programs. Once the candidate becomes eligible under any of the immigration programs, the officials will place their profile in the entry pool with other applicants.

Scores or marks will be assigned to each applicant’s profile based on certain human capital factors. Depending upon the rank given to the candidate they will receive a formal invitation for applying under any of the immigration program selected by them.

Working of Express Entry System :-

Following are some of the important steps that are conducted under the Express Entry system :-

  • The candidate needs to first detemine whether or not they are eligible for applying under the epxress entry system. For this the applicants can refer to various online websites where complete information will be provided to them.
  • The next step is to make a profile under the entry system and in it the applicant are required to mention about their skillsets and knowledge, prior job experience, educational qualification, etc.
  • Immigration officials will submit the application or profile in a pool where each of the candidates will be assessed upon specific criteria.
  • Depending upon the marks they score, the officials will send them an invitation for applying under the express entry system.

Make sure that you have all the necessary documents required for verification and submission. After receiving the invitation the applicant can also apply for a permanent resident card for Canada.