When It’s About Air Travel, The Top 5 things People are Searching For

When it comes to air travel, the world is looking at options online. And if they love what they find, they are willing to spend as well. But what exactly are people searching for? When it comes to air travel, it’s not just about a good deal anymore. Here are few things frequent fliers are looking for when they make flight bookings. 

Whether it’s about International travel or domestic flights, there’s something for everyone out there. These are times when flying is a commodity. When you get the best value, you pay a fair price. With airlines offering more for the buck, consumers are looking for more options online to compare and understand the trends. So what do flyers look for when they are making flight bookings? Let’s delve deeper and find out.

  1. Discounts Are Always a Draw

Like mentioned before, flying is a commodity. The lowest price wins. With thousands lined up in competition, it’s difficult to pick and choose. That’s where discount comes in as the most prominent draw. Especially, millennials! They are looking for good cuts 24/7 and want the best deals.

  1. Value for Money

Discounts, sure. But not at the cost of safety and comfort. That’s the new cool when it’s about buying air tickets. Whether you are flying an Air India or Indigo or SpiceJet, the deal comes down to what you are getting at the price of a ticket. For instance, does the agreement include free meals? Or what is the baggage allowance? Travellers are taking care of every little detail before settling down on one flight.

  1. How Personalized Are the Services

A significant percentage of fliers are looking at this one. More so, when it comes to information. A study revealed that over 98% passengers want to receive personalised notifications in case of disruptions in the flight. The experts are looking at a rise in the number of passengers who wish to book with airlines with personalized apps so that you have all the information you need in your hands.

  1. Cancellation and Other Charges

Whether it is changing the date of your travel or cancelling the ticket all-together, these charges can cause a great dent on the traveller’s pockets. Flyers today are smart and are looking ways to minimize the damage caused in case of any change in travel plans.

  1. Comfort Vs Affordability

This is a never-ending war for travellers. Should they choose an early morning low-cost flight or midday slightly expensive flight? Should they choose a no-frills airline or one that serves meals onboard? The list is quite endless. It boils down to traveller’s budget and preferences. However, again it’s about getting the most of the buck they spend. While services like onboard meals and more spacious seating are a must for a few travellers, others are okay compromising on the comfort if it translates into savings.

When it comes to air travel, these are some of the most common questions people are asking. If airlines can answer these for them, they’ve won their customers.