Android Version 8.0 in Galaxy S9 is going to be excellent

Galaxy S8 has been successfully launched with many positive feedbacks and will get replaced next year by a new flagship of Samsung, Samsung Galaxy S9.

The new Samsung Galaxy S9, which is coming in the end of March, or Starting of April will let you use the latest Android Version 8.0. It will show major refinements over Nougat.

The smart software of Artificial Intelligence is an interesting feature liked by everyone. As Microsoft has Cortana, Apple has Siri, Galaxy S8 and S8+ has its Bixby. The new Galaxy S9 will offer a meticulous higher version of Bixby having highly optimized visual recognition. For Galaxy S8, users are not satisfied with this feature. Ultimately, Bixby – not what I’m going to use very often. The situation may change after the activation of the voice commands, but as of the present moment Google Assistant fully meets all my needs and Bixby even close to it is not able to, so I do not even think about changing the application. Although Samsung is promoting Bixby as a significant feature of the S8 +, it is unlikely it is so much significant, and barely take a little time, you can forget about the existence of such options. Nothing of what I saw, did lead me to believe that the activation of the voice would execute a revolution in convenience or that Bixby is needed. Galaxy S9 will offer an upsurge for its multitalented smart visual Galaxy Assistant.

At first glance, it may seem that a little update, but the difference in the final photograph is obvious. In comparative tests between S7 and S8 +, the results look more vital and realistic in a new sensor, while the S7 images appear palely, if they are made in the bright sun, and oversaturated – if the lighting was inadequate. When you have activated HDR, Galaxy S7 lightens the shadows in bright sunlight. The picture with Galaxy S8 + has found much better. Galaxy S9 will offer you the best UHD camera quality, 4K Resolution and 13MP Dual lens front camera plus 21MP back camera.

When HDR is activated in both S8+ and S7, the only difference is amplified. When dealing with deep shadows and halftones (up almost indistinguishable), S8 + better captures the details, pulling the color and contrast as if alive, and S7 lightens the entire image, smoothing out the contrast to a minimum. Samsung Galaxy S9 will give the user high-detailed clicks having lovable colors, great sharpness, and contrast. In addition to this, the deliberate camera will offer you 40 new 3D frames and effects.

The price of Galaxy S9 is high but this could be neglected in front of the high-standard features, stunning display, body design and glossy body colour variants of Galaxy S9. According to an industry insider, the lovely body colours of Galaxy S9 are gold, rose-gold, bubble gum pink, bright matte red, silver, black, mid-range green. The sparkling body-colours of Galaxy S9 will make you fall for it and make you impatient for purchasing it.