Clash Of Segments: Honda Amaze vs Maruti Baleno

Planning to buy a car but confused between the two segments? Both Honda Amaze and Maruti baleno are 5 seater cars from reputed companies having almost similar features yet there are things which stand out more in one car than the other. In this article, we will compare their features so that it gets easier for you to make a choice between two of the most popular cars in India.

Let’s see if Honda Amaze is going to amaze us or Maruti Baleno turns out to be the more desirable fellow.

Design– Honda Amaze has a masculine design with a box-shaped front. The shark fin antenna at the rear contributes even more. The length and width are slightly more than the prior Honda cars and the height is reduced making it a bit uncomfortable to sit straight with head up. Overall it looks neat. Maruti baleno looks a bit rounded both on the front and back unlike the defined edges of Amaze. There are impact beams on the side and front. On the looks part, both the cars score a plus.

Size:Honda Amaze is the compact version of a sedan that is, sub 4m while maruti baleno is a hatchback which is supposed to be smaller yet both the cars are sub 4m length. The only difference is Balenoutilizes that space on the inside. So this lets Baleno have better leg space while sitting as well making it flexible to increase the luggage space. Belano offers a more spacious interior for the passengers than Amaze.

Boot Space:Honda Amaze is longer at the back with a separate boot area of 420 liters while it is 339Litres for marutibaleno. But as mentioned earlier the luggage space can be adjusted by shifting the seats. Falling under the sedan group, Honda amazes offer less space and is compact. Generally,the premium sedan has boot space of more than 500 liters. Since we are comparing only between Amaze and Belano, Honda Amaze gets the points.

Fuel Capacity: The Honda Amaze has fuel Capacity slightly more than belano. Amaze lets you travel a few extra miles with 37 liters fuel capacity where belano will give you 35 liters. So here again plus point to our Honda Amaze.

Transmission Facility:CVT automatic transmission is nowadays more desirable than the manual ones because of its efficiency. It is available in both petrol and Diesel mode of the engines for Honda Amaze. Additionally, paddle shifters can be utilized in a petrol engine.  Belano will offer CVT only in a petrol engine.

Ride quality: Ride quality depends upon how well the cars are able to handle the bumps and rough surface of the roads. This is an important factor,especially for the Indian roads. It is determined by the suspension capability of the car.Both the cars perform equally smooth at medium speed with less bounce impact.

Price: Belonging from the sedan family, it makes Honda Amaze a bit more expensive than the hatchback maruti baleno.

Both the cars are supported by safety features, great looks,and decent performance. Now it is on you to decide and choose wisely.