What are the computer hacking methods and protection

Protecting the computer from the virus and the hacking, both are different things. Viruses are actually the things which attack your system after which system gets slow down and even led to the shutdown of the system. While the anti-hack is the activity which involves the protection of the system form the unwanted peoples who deliberately try to get into your computer for your data information. The main difference between the virus and the hacking is that one is personal while other is not.

Well, the anti-hacker system is software which helps your system be aware of the hackers. There are also available some examples such as:

Facebook password hackerDos (Denial of Service) Attacks:

These types of attacks happen at your devices when there added a very large traffic on the software. Well, the attack scripts can be downloaded easily so you do not need to be experienced enough to launch an attack. The main reason for the interruption is that the upset customers are taking a type of revenge. The ransom ware has gained a lot of visibility in the recent years.

SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) Attacks

 Nowadays the hackers are using the toll posted team poison. This latest wave of attacks targets devices running SNMP which by default is open to the public Internet unless that feature is manually disabled. The targets of such hackers are customer’s products, gaming, hosting, soft as a service and the nonprofits. Facebook hacker is really active nowadays.

SYN/AWK Attacks:

The SYN flood attack is basically a type of denial of service attack where a request is made to the browser in order to tie up your resources. The 3-way handshake is never established and all other connections are refused while this is happening.

USB Auto-Run Attacks:

As a USB has an accessibility to be inserted in any of the computer or laptops. This small USB can even become a reason for your loss. If it handed over to a wrong person even for a minute he can take control over your whole business.

Well, there is no system which is completely secured. The easy connection and the interoperability creatures need off to be switched off after you had finished all your work.