Dianabol – an excellent anabolic supplement for improving muscle mass and strength

Dianabol is one of the most powerful anabolic supplements. It is capable of increasing muscle mass quickly. It is otherwise called as D-bol involves in various body processes and boosts the muscle productions and fat reduction. Out of its potential ingredients, Dianabol helps in gaining muscle mass, losing fat and increasing strength permanently. Methandrostenolone is the active ingredient in D-bol and with the help of the ingredient, it elevates muscle production at a short phase.

Generally, 5-6 hours is the half –life of Dbol and it depends on how the individuals metabolize the drug in their systems. Though it is moderately androgenic, is well known for strong anabolic effects. It was developed as an oral supplement and is classified as a C17-aa anabolic supplement which means it raises enzyme levels which make Dbol be toxic to the liver. The Methandrostenolone hormone increases the protein synthesis and glycogenolysis. Generally, all anabolic-androgenic supplements contain both benefits and side effects. So, users should be careful while choosing the supplement, discuss the positive and negative points with a physician. Dianabol results in fewer side effects compared to using Testosterone.

The positive impact of Dianabol:

Increases metabolic activity- Dianabol increases the body metabolism, allows the body to burn excess calories which result to gain lean tissue with reduced fat.

Helps to gain muscle mass- If the user wants to gain muscle mass, then he/she can go ahead with moderate doses of Dianabol.

Recovery – Healing power is enhanced and users will easily recuperate from strenuous workout which helps to improve the overall performance.

Increases strength – Dianabol unimaginably increases the body strength.

Preserving lean tissue- While doing intense workouts and training there are umpteen chances for the destruction of muscle mass; however, Dbol protects the tissues from destruction.

The negative impact of Dianabol:

Affect the mood: Dianabol makes the users feel highly energized and excited. Though it helps to recuperate from strenuous works out after the exercise session, it affects the athlete’s behavior when he/she is idle. The sudden mood change might make athletes become aggressive outside the workout place. Such supplements induce vigorous activity among the users.

Gynecomastia: It causes when fat deposits over the pectoral muscles of men. This causes men a feminine looking chest, the condition is commonly referred to as man boobs.

Cardiovascular issues:  Dbol has the tendency to increase the body weight rapidly which simultaneously increases the pressure on the cardiovascular system. Long term usage of such anabolic supplements will increase the heart rate whereas Dbol also increases cholesterol rate in the blood that further strains the heart.

Impede hair growth: Dianabol induces the body to produce excessive testosterone. When the testosterone breaks down into estrogen it also produces a byproduct called dihydrotestosterone. This chemical severely affects the growth of hair on the scalp, body, and face. Long term usage of Dianabol might cause baldness.

Affect the liver:  Like other anabolic supplements, Dianabol also affects the liver after a prolonged usage. Generally, Dianabol and other AAS are hepatotoxic. The liver only does the duty of breaking down such supplements. Since Dbol belongs to C17-AA group of chemicals, it is very tough for the liver to break down. Therefore, continuous and excessive usage of Dbol causes liver damage and other liver ailments. Since both Dbol and testosterone belong to different categories compared to using Testosterone with Dianabol is not under arguments.