All About Fireplace Mantels And It Types

Everyone wants to build their house in different and attractive manner. For this, they use and employ different styles while building their house. Most importantly, people those who lives in the cold places include some extra things in their home like mantels. A mantel is nothing but a small stone or arch which is normally used for heating purpose.

In general, there are different types of mantels are constructed in the home. The fireplace mantels not only decorate the house but it is also used as a functional purpose. Also, there are different materials are used in constructing the mantels. This makes the availability of different types of mantels like wood mantels, brick mantels, tile mantels, marble mantels and metal mantels.

Most of the fireplace mantels are made with wood and it is an affordable one. Some people those who want to get a different look prefer brick mantels. The kind of appearance that people want to create is based on the color of the brick and type of the brick. Brick mantels need some extra support. Tile mantels are suitable for people those who want to get a wide range of finish, styles and colors. The cast stone fireplace mantels are suitable for people who want strong mantels. Also, these mantels give a natural appearance. Another famous type of mantels is the marble mantels which gives an elegant and rich look.

Apart from this, there are some other types of mantels like stone and rock mantels, limestone mantels etc are available. The professional companies will offer these types of fireplace mantels for an affordable cost to the customers. But, before selecting the mantel for the home people have to consider certain things in their mind.

While choosing the fireplace mantels for the home other than marble mantels, don’t select slate or granite mantels if you want to get a pastoral or a natural look mantel for your house.

Also, the antique mantels are normally too large for fireplaces. This is because the antique fireplaces are much bigger than the modern fireplaces. Hence, you have to determine how much space you will allot for your mantel before going to choose its type. Also, ensure that any changes that you make do not alter the appearance of your mantel. Another thing to consider is how much wall space that you have around your fireplace mantel. Keep in mind all these things while choosing your mantel.