Which Flowers Are Appropriate For 1-5 Years Of Marriage Anniversary?

It has been a long practice to offer best wishes and congratulations to the anniversary couples with a beautiful bouquet of flowers. These amazing flowers are said to bring a wonderful smile on the face of anniversary couples along with spreading cheerfulness and positivity around. However, you need to send appropriate flowers on the anniversary based on the number of years to make the powerful impact. Check out some of the flowers mentioned by an expert florist in Chennaifor the different years of marriage anniversary.

1st marriage anniversary-The beautiful and traditional flower, Carnation is used to celebrate the first wedding anniversary of a couple. The amazing flower has been known to represent young and passionate love which is the strength of a married relationship. Carnations arrive in a variety of colours and you can easily choose the perfect hues based on your preference. No other anniversary flower can capture the sweetness, optimism and passion of the first marriage anniversary like this colourful and elegant carnation.

2nd marriage anniversary- By the time of the second anniversary, couples have become much more familiar with each other and are able to understand each other in a better way. Their married relationship has evolved a lot over the time and has become much stronger than before. The cosmos is a brilliant flower that symbolises the second year of the marriage anniversary in a wonderful manner. It does not depict what love should be but actually the strong and powerful love that exists in this second year of marriage.

3rd marriage anniversary- The sunflower represents the strong, colourful and passionate three years of the marriage. With its sturdy stalk, the sunflower symbolises the strong foundation upon which the marriage is based. Further, its vibrant yellow petals represent the feelings of love and passion which radiate outwards.This wonderful flower looks amazingly beautiful and stunning when it is grouped together in a bouquet or any other floral arrangement. This lovely flower can be easily found with the local florist in Chennai and other parts of India.

4th marriage anniversary-With a long duration of 4 years, couples have comfortably found the wonderful combination of comfortable habits along with unexpected surprises. The beautiful flower of geranium symbolises the comforting beauty of that can be recognised along with the unexpected texture and colour that offer other great surprises to come. It brilliantly expresses the ever expanding love between the couples after the four successful years of marriage.

5th marriage anniversary-The daisy is the most amazing flower that can represent the flourishing years of 5th marriage anniversary. While the centre of this flower symbolises the intense bonding of the married couple, its petals represent the various magical ways by which a couple can expand and grow together. The flower also represents the fidelity, love and hope that is the underlying virtue for this 5 long years of marriage association between any couple.

So, choose the right bouquet of anniversary flowers for the couples who are celebrating their special day together. Based on their years of togetherness, you can easily get the better idea about the perfect flowers for the event.