Dubai has a jaw-dropping history from the Iron Age, keeping aside the glitter and glam of Dubai there is a lot to be known about the history of Bedouins also are known as nomadic Arabs are mostly discussed in books and movies. It portrays how difficult it was to live in the harsh weather conditions at the desert safari Dubai, still, they wouldn’t be left behind in being hospitable to the guests from all over the world.


Desert safari Dubai provides a chance to do desert safari Dubai. cycling over the dunes, it is the majestic experience having fresh air with golden colored sand as the backdrop. Having to see the camels across the desert while cycling and not to forget the once in a lifetime experience is worth the desert hype for sure. For all of you wondering there is a track located at the desert safari Dubai making it feasible and enjoyable for riders.This is the most amazing way to explore the desert safari Dubai and one won’t regret it.


You must be astonished to know about the importance of stargazing. Well, it was used in ancient times to tell time and direction. Along with this the study of astronomy depending on the seasons and planets was observed which is significant in modern times. Stargazing at the desert safari Dubai has to be the most extraordinary experience for almost everyone. Who would not want to see the pristine beauty of the sky at night with tons of stars sparkling beyond comprehension? This is the deep experience one would like to own at the desert safari Dubai, moreover, sky, stars and the desert gives a magical experience always.


Who would not want to watch the ship of the desert being all competitive? A cherry on the top what if you are riding on one of them and the lurching feels you get while it wants to finish off before any other camel does. This is a traditional Arab culture at the desert safari Dubai where a festival also takes place from around the region to celebrate the rich culture. The desert safari Dubai would speak itself with a rich heritage to cultural cuisines.


Wildlife at the desert safari Dubai is not given much significance but not to forget it is what makes up the natural environment in the desert. You would find gazelles, birds, oryx and of course camels summing up the wildlife at the desert safari Dubai. If you want to take a tour for bird watching then trust me it is worth it. Desert safari Dubai has a variety of birds which might include falcons, Steppe eagle, and Asian Houbara. Also to increase the knowledge desert safari Dubai is a habitat for 170 species of birds, which is phenomenal.

If you plan to escape from civilization then you must take out a day and stay overnight in desert safari Dubai marking a surreal experience.

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