Home and Office Water, Air Purifiers and Multi-Cooker Appliances

Icon water purifier.

Cuckoo features an Electrolysis Purification system invention that permits a self-cleaning function for the water filter. This feature provided by no.1 home appliance brand in South Korea allows you and your family to have an all-time fresh and anodyne water to drink. The icon water purifier includes features such as energy eye feeler and a lock that ensures safety for children and voice triangulation that helps you pick the preferred language. The product also features a temperature adjustment component.

Jazz water purifier.

The drain pipe and stopcock allow the purifier allow the disinfection system to effect the self-cleaning. Offered by no.1 home appliance brand in South Korea, the purifier with a perfect streamlined plan includes natural and nano sifter.The slim design with a size of 18cm is a room saver since you only require some small space to place the purifier. The dispensing factor is well suited for your specific need, fixed to either dispense continuously, half cup of even fill a cup.

Fusion top water purifier.

This is a 6 phase purification of water sifter suited for any household. The lock ensures the safety of children at home. Not only does the appliance save energy but also have a superb design with the flexibility that allows you to disengage water tray and faucet for washing

no.1 home appliance brand in South Korea

Deluxe water purifier

Deluxe purifier is designed and well suited for professional and work environment. It is a 6-phase filtration having 4 sifts in it. The stainless steel water holder makes water safer and also has a lock for the safety of handling. When necessary, the water tray can be removed for washing.

King top water purifier

An adaptable appliancesuited for households.The slender and elegant design take care of your room by taking the minimal space. Other than the safety lock for children, the appliance feature icy as well as room temperature water and a nano positive purification method.

Epic water purifier.

It’s a light, slender and fancy appliance made for a household with inadequate space. The filter is quite easy to swap and includes a 5-phase filtration with only 3 sifters. For easy cleaning, both the faucet and water tray can be removed. A modern technological design is put across by the presence of a glossy touch regulator section. 

Multi-Cooker appliances by Cuckoo

A dream of everyone is to prepare a nice meal for the family and friends within the shortest time possible. The cuckoo a no.1 home appliance brand in South Korea has got your back to make this a reality with their broad variety of pressure multi-cooker in tore.

Black HN1O multi-cooker

Has a wide scope of catering modes available, in fact, they there are 14 modes which include: rise, steam, fry, and oven among others. The cooker feature a spontaneous vapor cleaning, a mechanism to drain water removable cover made of stainless steel and a steam emission channel.

Red M10 multi-cooker

This includes 12 different cooking mode. Noticeable is the hydraulic gentle opening method, a mechanism to get rid of water, emit steam and spontaneous steam cleaning.

Air purifier appliances for home and office use.

B Model

This is an applicant by cuckoo that include 8-phase purification and bacteriostatic. The appliance is plasma ionizer with speech regulator, timer and 3-way sprinkle warning.