Know how to make a kite paper plane easily for your kids

In the present generation, parents are waiting for an amazing turnover to divert their kids from playing Xbox, play station etc. Not all the online video games help the kids to be active. A perfect antidote for kids to boost their mind is to engage them with the paper planes. The creative paper planes help your kids to handle it in an effective way.

Coming to the fascinating paper planes concept, you can think better in different ways. Whilst playing with the paper planes, the imaginative power of your kid stirs up. Playing with paper planes comes with various advantages to the children and the parents as well. Beyond plethora of plane types, you can involve in making a simple kite paper plane for your kid. Let us know the steps to How to Make The Best Paper Airplane in detail.

Materials required:

Unless other toys, the paper plan do not need more materials. Just an A4 sheet is more than enough. You can go on with the colourful A4 sheets available in shops.

Steps to make kite paper plane:

Make sure that you are taking a colourful A4 8.5 * 11 inch letter size sheet,   before involving into the operation.


Turn the sheet and keep vertically. Fold an inch of the sheet horizontally. Continue to fold eight times, the same way you did before. Folding it eight times reduces half the size of the sheet.

In addition, check whether the edges are sharp and crisp. If you do not get sharp edges using thumbs, try to use wooden depressor.


The folding continues in another way. Now, in this step you need to fold the paper vertically. But, before folding you need to turn over the sheet. By folding the paper vertically, you need to crosscheck whether the edges are matching exactly.


In this step, you need to fold the wings of the paper plane. Leaving half an inch at the bottom of the plane, start folding the sheet from the top. Repeat this on the next side of the paper too. The folds you are doing should be on the bottom of the sheet. At last, you will find the attractive kite paper plane in your hand.

Making paper planes is an easiest task that brings you more entertainment. Having the best guide to know how to make the best paper airplane is a plum on the cake. Choose the best guide for your paper plane.