Learn The Best Ways To Use A Washing Machine Safely

Several incidents have been reported where improper use of machine has caused accidents. To prevent any risky circumstances, it is important to operate a washing machine safely. There are a few tips that will ensure safe use of washing machines. This will help in saving your family from troubles.

Ensure proper installation of your washing machine

Installation plays a key role in determining the operation of the machine. Do not attempt to do it on your own just to save money. It is important to get it done correctly, by taking assistance of a professional repair company. LG and Samsung are among the reputed brands in washing machines. You can find several different designs, make and model of washing machines under this brand.

Don’t keep your machine in damp area

Keeping your machine in damp area can invite a lot of problems. Don’t install your machine in a wet place as there is a possibility that electricity and water can come in direct contact and lead to accident. So, ensure that you install washing machine in a dry region.

Don’t overload your machine

It has been seen that some people use extension cords to overload a socket with several plugs. Washing machines need heavy charge to function. Overloaded connections can result in fires. So, make sure that you don’t overload your machine.

Keep your machine at a uniform level

Washing machine that is not placed on an even level can start to vibrate. So, to prevent vibration, it is advised to adjust the screws or use a stand to bring all edges of washing machine at same level. If your machine is positioned on a slope, then its drum may not spin properly. This condition can even lead to high spin and lead to damage.

Don’t use water at extreme temperature

Too cold or too hot water can harm the internal machinery of the washing machine. Before allowing water to enter inside the machine, ensure that it is at normal temperature. Temperature extremes can result in damage in the connection pipes in your machine. This can also cause injury.

Perform regular servicing of your washing machine

There are several things that need to be done to keep your washing machine in the best running condition. This will help in increasing its life and preventing possible accidents. By registering your purchase agreement with the manufacturer, any faults in the machine can be identified straight away.

Evaluate the condition of connection

You need to evaluate the condition of rubber connection hose. Replace them whenever you feel the need. Any leaks, cracks, or bulges in the rubber hose that connects the machine to the water supply, should be identified and taken appropriate action to repair it.

Regularly clean filters

It is advised to clean the filters regularly. The best course of action is to hire expert professionals to perform the cleaning of the filters.


It is better to prevent the occurrence of accidents before they actually happen. These ways will definitely help in ensuring safe and convenient operation of machine.