All the Motivation You Need for DIY Faucet

Replacing a leaky faucet is not necessarily something that would require the attention of a professional plumber. Anyone can do the task using a set of professional tools. If you don’t have a full-fledged plumbing kit for your home, don’t worry! All you need to invest is a maximum of $20 for a new basin wench, which a specific tool is designed to access faucet joints under inaccessible sinks. The basic work of replacing the faucet is not so complex, unless it has been suffering for long from acute negligence.

A leaking tap complemented with a blocked disposal tube can create a virtual hell of clogged water at the sink. Since there’s no other way to detach a faucet fixture but to get beneath it, one may be at the risk of facing soiled water spraying all over your face! It’s a horrible thing to happen to anyone, and don’t let your laziness be an excuse of setting it right.

Be informed:

If you’re new to it, start with doing some research on how to replace a faucet. You’re in the right place already reading this post; just follow up with the instructions provided here.

All the Motivation You Need for DIY Faucet

Since these fixtures deal with constant contact with water, rust tends to set in unless you have plastic nuts holding the fixture together. The basin wrench effectively loosens even the most hardened rust, so get a hang of using it right. Check out instructional videos on how to go about it. Access the right theoretical knowledge to put it to practical use.

If the tubing under the sink makes it difficult to access the nuts, use an open-end wrench to open a few pipes. You may even have to replace a leaking pipe, so be prepared with good quality extra pipes.

Get a good new faucet as well. Many fantastic aesthetic options are available in the market these days, so get a good one for your use. All these researching should not take more than a few hours to help you get to the chore right away.

Before you start 

There are a few things to do before starting the actual work. Start with identifying the inlet connection and shutting it down first. Make sure that the tap is dry. Take note to close both connections if you have two taps, one for warm water and the other for cold. See if the existing fixture has a shut-off valve. If it doesn’t, it’s a good idea to get one now since you’re replacing the current faucet. If you have a blocked outlet problem, first clear it up.

The actual work

All these aforementioned preparatory tasks should take some time.

The actual work on how to replace a faucet actually doesn’t take more than 15minutes if you’re good with the tools. As you get down on the sink and lay prostrate facing upward, it should be a good idea to provide some comfort to the body by using a wooden plant for support. It also saves your cloth from soiling and wetting. Once you have the motivation figured out, the rest of it follows smoothly.