Mutual Fund Houses in Malaysia: 8 Reasons Why You Need Unit Trusts

Unit trusts are collective investment plans. These are legal platforms designed to defend the investors who group their money in one fund. In turn, the funds use this money to purchase a portfolio of properties. You get different kinds of unit trusts. Some spend for shares, also known as equities. Others pay for securities that settle interest, like bonds. Within these forms, you get sub-classifications of funds. Equity funds emphasize specific shares – which may sometimes refer to resource retailers and mining companies.

Here are the reasons why you should pay for mutual fund houses in Malaysia.

Skillfully Managed Investment Portfolios.

By spending for a unit trust fund, you could create wealth by choosing the understanding of trusted investment managers, regardless of how much you should invest. Skilled and active management aims to maximize your returns while minimizing dangers.

Liquidity – the Easy and Quick Way to Sell and Invest.

Unit trust portfolios are a flexible investment. You have access to your money at any given period of time, should you need it for a rainy day. On online avenues, your money is always accessible and you could withdraw unit trust investments whenever you need the money – convert them back into cash.

Unit Trusts to Match Your Specific Risk Profiles.

There are over a thousand mutual fund houses in Malaysia, ranging from entirely aggressive to conservative and sometimes the number of its rates could be daunting. To find out which portfolio of premium branded unit trusts best suits your investment plan, simply do the risk profiler on specific avenues. You also have the ability to personalize or make your very own portfolio of unit trusts.

mutual fund houses in Malaysia

Offshore Exposure.

Unit trusts offer direct currency and offshore investments. They allow an alternative way to invest offshore without utilizing your offshore allowance. Many citizens are still doubtful about moving their money and funds overseas, preferring to rather use fund managers with the ability to invest internationally.

Tax Efficiency.

Unit trusts are convenient and tax efficient, most especially if arranging a retirement annuity.


Unit trusts have no charges for transacting or switching, no penalties for discontinuation or surrender, and transparent product charges.

Investor Protection.

Unit trusts are regulated and governed by an authorized market.

It’s Easy to Track.

With unit trusts, it’s really easy to track what the units are worth and hence, how your own investment is performing. Units are priced on a daily basis and you could keep track of your investment performance and compare unit trusts on a daily basis. You can visit online sites to see how much your investment has grown.


Most premium brand unit trusts have outperformed the market. Over the past few years, a certain aggressive portfolio has returned 28.29%, while others have returned by 5.54%.

The best way to invest in unit trusts is directly through a low-cost provider. Its rates lessen returns; hence, the less you pay to access an investment, the more cash will be left to grow for you! Unit trusts are also available in other investment products.