OLED TV segment dominated by LG

Last year, global sales of OLED TV were about 2 million out of which LG sold 1.5 million which 75% of the share, making it the leader and in 2018 it forecasts to sell 2 million OLED TV sets out of the expected 3 million global sales, dropping the market share to 66.6%. On the second rank is the brand Sony which is expected to sell 500,000 OLED TVs in 2018, as compared to 200,000 units last year. The remaining market share is divided among other brands like Panasonic, Philips, Grundig and Loewe etc.

What makes LG TV dominate the market?

  1. LG Mobile phones division may not be doing great but its other division of Display is a completely different story. This is all because of lucrative deals and strong marketing for television sales along with collaborations with companies like Apple. According to the reports, the Display division has still maintained its position as the No. 1 large global display panel manufacturer for 30 consecutive quarters. In the first quarter alone it has shipped 35.42 million TV sets units.
  2. Another market player in the OLED TV market is Samsung. Posting 10% share, Samsung Display is ranked on 5th position globally. This is not too surprising because the company part from selling high-end TV sets also remains committed enough to the sale of small- and mid-sized OLED displays making it monopolize the TV market. However, the recent trends show that this could easily change, as it is out there looking to rebrand and transform its production facility of P10 in Paju, Korea to manufacture mobile OLED displays.
  3. Originally, this production facility was built and designed for only large OLED panels used in TV sets but with exponential growth possibility in the business of mobile OLED too, the company may be making new plans for the future. After all, later this year the company is expected to debut its first flagship with OLED screen.
  4. The company also sells its display panels to various other manufacturers and will soon open its next-generation 10.5G OLED factory. This factory or production facility will be capable and responsible for mass production of larger panels with 8K resolution.
  5. Even though the above numbers look huge, TVs based on OLED display acquires the only small portion of the very large TV market which has sales of around 210-220 million units annually. However, with time, OLED display technology is gaining its separate share in the overall market and will continue to do so in future.