How to Protect yourself on the Deep web

It is really important to be anonymous on Deep web as some hackers always try to get personal data of users while they are accessing Deep web.

In this article, We will be telling you some ways to protect yourself from hackers, virus and getting looted from dark web websites.

Deep Web is a large part of the World Wide Web, which is not easily accessible and you can’t find this through the search. If you think of what exactly Deep Web is, then it’s nothing but just some number of websites where you can’t access without the help of some software.

Now a days, Dark web is full of illegal kinds of stuff and hackers. If you wanted to access these market places websites, you need to be very careful. Let’s get started with our list.

How to Protect yourself on the Deep web

1. Hide your webcam – Webcams are very useful when you use them while video calling but it can create problems for you, especially when you are accessing Deep Web. You can use Black Tape, as a way to protect yourself from the dark web. Simply, paste black tape on the lens of the webcam and you are good to go.

2. Delete You Saved Password – Have you ever realized that, even Google keep an eye on our data?. Yes!! That’s true Google also use our data, as a way to promote their products. They always use our browsing history to show the advertisement of products. In this same way, Deep Web takes data from our Browsing history, Save Passwords and Logged in accounts.
So, before accessing Dark Web, you need to delete your browsing history, all the saved passwords and make sure that you are logged out from all the social media accounts.

3. Do Not Register – When you are on Deep Web and you are digging into the web. If you see any pop-up to fill in your details, Like – Name, Email, Phone Number. I will suggest you to never give any kind of details even you have to wait for a couple of minutes to disappear the particular pop-up.

4. Stay Alert from Fake Deals – You may also get to see some advertisements like iPhone X for $1 or 99% OFF. Simply ignore these offers and never give any of your personal details. Even these advertisements offer Cash On Delivery option to your doorstep but never get into these fake offers.

5. Don’t Download – When you will access to Deep Web, you will be seeing lots of pop-up advertisements, Auto New Tab, Automatic Downloading of free software, offers like the giveaway of some premium software. You should ignore all these stuff because most of the times such softwares  are developed by hackers and they can easily access and control your computer.

6. Chat Rooms – When you are using chat rooms and chatting with some anonymous persons. Don’t get into friendship with someone, and share your personal details.

7. Install Internet Security Antivirus –  Anti Virus can work as a lifesaver. Get an antivirus installed on your PC/Android phones before accessing Deep web. It can easily detect any type of malware and virus.

These were some of the things that you can do to protect yourself on the Deep web. Kindly, follow all the listed things to keep your journey secure.