Things to be consider while booking ferry tickets

If you are planning to book your ferry tickets, there are many things which you need to take into your consideration. If this is your first time, there are many things which you need to keep in mind to find the best deal.

Seats: Seats are the first things which you have to note while booking ferry tickets. If the seats are a row of large reclining aircraft seats, it would be very difficult for you to travel long distance with these uncomfortable seats, but these are meant to be okay for daily trippers. These seats are not comfortable for children because you need to share your seats with other passengers.

Make sure that the space between the two seats are more than enough to keep your legs free because there are many compartments where the seats are arranged closely which makes you to feel difficult while traveling.

Confirm that you can wander around the ferry just to relax yourself or to watch something. There are many cruise ships where you can enjoy watching movies, visiting restaurants, sometimes even take a dip in the swimming pool.  There are also many children’s clubs available in those ferries which help children to have fun and not to get bored while travelling.

Choose the shortest route which helps you to reach the destination soon. For a same destination you can find many ferries available but the thing is travelling route. Make sure that you have selected to book ferry ticket to bintan with the shortest route among them.

These are some of the major factors which you need to take care while travelling. If you are planning to book your ferry ticket online, it would be best to read the reviews about the selected ship. This will greatly helps you to find about the service provided inside the ship while travelling. Compare ticket prices and select the cheapest and best one. Make sure that the select ferry will make your trip awesome. Transportation is also one of the important factor when it comes to travelling.