Thoughtful modern design of LG for its G7 is thrilling

LG has taken its classy smartphones to a new modern level with a thoughtful design that will make every feature more exciting and comfortable with a fast speed. LG is gearing up the launch of its upcoming flagship smartphone LG G7 in January 2018 with a creative display design. Yes. LG G7 is coming out next year with more innovative bendable, rollable screen, although simple, killer. Not only its outer look is amazing but also its performance (having Snapdragon 845 SoC) will magnetize its customers with its perfection.


Get ready for a uniquely interesting experience with LG G7 having 90% Screen to body ratio. LG G6 is equipped with excellent IPS-display. Screen Full Vision supports Dolby Vision 10 and HDR formats, so you can view its content with high dynamic range (HDR). Also available is Always-on display (clock display and notifications on the screen is off) mode. A smartphone has a great value in one’s life. LG will definitely regain its lost charm with the release of its LG G7 smartphone. Bendable IPS LCD display of LG G7 with a screen size of 5.8-inches, QHD 4K resolution (1450 x 2565) is exciting and fun. Not only this. For the full protection of user’s gadget, LG is bringing its G7 covered with Corning Gorilla Glass 5 on both the sides. The new LG G7 smartphone with its IP 69K will protect the device from moisture and dust, and high temperature, and chemicals. Moreover, the fingerprint sensor and heart rate sensor would be located on the backside of the display and iris scanner and stereo speaker on the front top side.


When we tested the LG G6 camera, it was great in daylight but shooting in low light conditions, its failure. Of course, this aspect of the G6 is still inferior to Galaxy S8. According to the Korean publications, with the new generation, the new innovation of LG G7 with its 13MP front camera and the 21MP back camera will be really responsive even in dark light conditions with 520PPI. The camera of LG G7 is more revolutionary than its predecessors with dual color flash and laser autofocus in HDR mode. This option is very convenient for shooting group portraits and architectural objects and even allows you to create interesting shots.


As we mentioned in the starting of the article, LG G7, to aid the “hero” positioning, will hit the market with Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 SoC processor based on 10nm FinFET. Additionally, as LG has started working with Qualcomm, it will feature a zippy X20 LTE modem, 20% faster than the foregoing generation, providing enjoyable faster data speed of 1.2Gbps. Supporting LTE Cat 18, specially made for 5G, the maximum downlink speed would be 155mbps, also helping you to experience immersive 360-degree video.


If you desperately need a compact phone with a large bendable display and narrow, and the price is not important, then there are no problems – the model won’t disappoint. According to the observable data of LG predecessors and its competitors, the price of upcoming LG G7 would be around 800USD.

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