Three major Types of television

While it started in 1927 when the first television was invented. Its more than 90 years now and a television is simply not an idiot box anymore. It has become a powerhouse, a genuine bust of genius. With bolting fast advancement in technologies, there is some or the other type of television being introduced in the market. With rising demands a lot of brands have come into the picture, Sony TVs, LG TVs, Micromax TVs, are few among the many brands in the market currently. There are always websites like compareraja to know more about the best brands. Anyways, with no further dew lets get into the types of televisions we see in today’ss time.


LED TVs are very common. LED being Light Emitting Diot. What it actually does is uses idiots for backlighting rather than simple CCFLs. In layman terms, it’s a slightly better picture quality than LCD. Mostly all Sony TVs are LEDs.


LCD or Liquid Crystal Display was among the first type of TVs when flat screens were introduced in the marker. However, LEDs have taken over and in current scenario most TVs are LEDs. Compareraja can give a detailed explanation of the LED and LCD TVs on the market currently.

sony tv


OLEDs are Light Emitting Diots but with a thin sheet of organic electroluminescent material. There are the latest trends in display among top-notch television. A great example is Sony TVs be it Bravia or UHD. OLED provides better viewing angles, better protection from harmful radiation and dynamic picture quality. And with video content produced in 4k and now in certain instances in 8k, it is always good to have a television that delivers the best quality. To do a triple comparison on OLED, LED and LCD one can go onto compareraja and do the deeds.


These three might be considered as the top criteria of television found in the market. If we look at the price of these machines, it should not come as a surprise that OLED would come down as the costliest among all the three. LCD being in the market for a long time the technology has really faded away hence you can find it cheap. However, the best among all the three is LED it is neither too costly nor too cheap. It comes in for a decent price and you can always enjoy premium video quality on LEDs. Hence if you are on a tight budget and look for a decent pick always go for LEDs, Sony TVs being among the best in all of these.

Now that you know the differences among the types of televisions and have a fair idea of the weight they might put on your pocket, you can always choose a television according to your budget and your needs. Remember not to go over budget. In certain circumstances, LCDs are also not a bad idea. But television being one-time investment chooses wisely.