How to Treat Hormonal Imbalance: Holistic Approach to Women’s Health

Hormonal imbalance is an extremely common issue but often misunderstood hence, untreated. Unstable hormonal levels have apparently become part of any woman’s modern lifestyle that it’s almost impossible not to suffer from at some point. If you are having hormonal issues, you’ll most likely experience having skin problems, hair loss, excessive weight gain, less energy, insomnia, low libido, hot flashes – the list goes on, actually. Most of the time, you’ll feel irritated and easily angered even by the little things that you encounter. The manifestations are sometimes too disturbing that many end up having mental issues, too.

What are Hormones?

Basically, hormones are the chemical messengers within the body that communicates the systems for proper operation. They are part of the endocrine system that are composed of particular glands that include the thyroid, ovaries, and adrenals, among others. These are the particular glands that control and manage development and growth, reproduction, weight, moods, and fertility. Generally, both male and female species have hormones though it differs in rations. Women have more progesterone and estrogen.

hormone imbalance treatment for woman

Why do women experience hormonal imbalance?

There is an imbalance when the ratios do not seem to work properly. To treat the issue, you must first understand what seems to be causing these abnormal balance. There are cases when these balance issues are caused by hereditary concerns but apart from that, it can also be caused by aging, stress, diet, and lifestyle. Women will almost always experience a high estrogen level and low progesterone. These are actually found or increased by certain chemicals that you use which include synthetic perfumes and household products that seemed harmless.

How can it be treated?

There are several hormone imbalance treatment for woman but the best that you can do first is to try out a holistic approach. You can try managing your stress levels or use herbal medicines and other holistic approaches. When you do establish a healthy lifestyle choice, you can easily combat whatever negative feeling you have and finally experience an equilibrium state in the process. Being healthy means not just being free of diseases. It’s actually about having a balanced system in all aspects so you can be at your best.

There are several natural solutions which you can use to prevent or at least minimize the effects of hormonal imbalance. Regular exercise can actually do you good as sweating is healthy for your body. You can also try meditation exercises for mental health stability. Take care of your body by regular bathing. As much as possible, know when to stop and take a rest so your body can rejuvenate. You can also visit natural practitioners to help you out especially if you’re experiencing serious hormonal issues. The key here is to never take your body for granted. After all, you only have one.