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It might seems to be unbelievable but true you can talk to your favorite celebrity, once if you notice a favorite personality then you will wait a long to get their autograph or to take a single selfie with them now a day, often the celebrity numbers are hidden which is very personalized and kept under the various security metrics to make themselves free from the outdoor fans they have. Once if they go through the best and useful thing you have to more sure about the verification process to believe that as a whole.

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One such celebrity is Nicki Minaj, who is well reputed singer and actor. She learned acting and singing professionally form the school LaGaurdia High School. Although she is bought up by some troubling family circumstances she shines in her life through her effort she made. As a women she must be an example for many of the girls, it is not possible for a girls to shine in her life without proper family background and support only few of them life Nicki Manaj does, so it is important to notice her life as a best motivation and to succed in the life.

Nicki Manaj real name is Onika Tanya Maraj, the name has been changed after she enters into the film industry. She has song many songs, she is a CEO of the young money and later she took over the role of cater edition with the young money for that she made many collaborations with her mixtapes. She is one of the best celebrity and well known personality around the world. There are fans are waiting for them to get a single snap with them, in that you the luckiest guy to know her number to talk with her, once if you follow the link Nicki Minaj phone number you can make a call and speak with her.

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