Wondering How To Make Your Train Journey To Ipoh Exciting!

Are you planning for your vacation by train and would like to visit beautiful cities like Ipoh? Then, I am sure you have landed in right place. Ipoh being most beautiful, largest and elegant capital city of Malaysia, people from different corners flock into the city admired. Despite many options to reach out to Ipoh, most people prefer train journey to enjoy natural sceneries and elegancy of city throughout the travel. Widespread green lands, bright coloured flowering plants and big trees, rivers would pass by during your train journey en route Ipoh. Though there are bus services available at flexible timings via amazing roadways maintained well, most people prefer train journey just because they could enjoy these natural sceneries.

Services Providing and Exclusive Features

Train services are available from different part of train ticket to ipoh. Kuala Lumpur is the best spot among all since both cities hold many tourist spots to look at. Express train service and electric train service are attractive options offered to tourists to choose from. Almost 10 Electric train services are available throughout a day which makes tourists to plan their schedule accordingly. Time duration is the only difference between conventional train services and these electric train services. If you reach Ipoh city in 3-4 hours by conventional train, you would reach in 2 hours through electric train service.

Depending on luxury factor, tourists are offered with two premium services viz, gold and silver services. Silver services are within nominal budget of tourists while gold services offer utmost luxury factors that high class tourists are looking for. At silver service, trains stop at different stations while at gold services, trains stop at limited stations which look so important. Stations that come in between train journey offer best food and hospitality. Most people enjoy having foods at stations in between. The best part http://www.easybook.com/en-my/train/route/ipoh is that people enjoy city’s culture and heritage as well. Foods prepared based on culture and heritage is highly appreciated.

Since, it is for shorter duration most people don’t prefer to take up night births as well but it is highly preferred for children and elders. If your family vacation includes any of them, you can very well avail this option. Plan well to enjoy your vacation to Ipoh in the best way possible!